Actualization of wordWrapGrid on Gambas Farm

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Actualization of wordWrapGrid on Gambas Farm

Jorge Carrión

I've upload a actualized version of wordwrapgrid control to the farm.
WordWrapGrid is a Gamba's Control that inherits of GridView and shows a
grid that fit the row height to the text showed.

The previous version has a big bug: If set the worwrap property of control
to true only fit the height of the rows showed, the rest of lines are
setted to blank.

I've only tested it with a few rows, and didn't see that. Sorry.

The new versión has a new property named "source". It must be a two
dimensions Array or, directly a Result from a database. (This transform the
control in a sql viewer!)

Two samples are provided in farm, one from a Array ant one from a Result.

Hope this will usefull.

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