Available for download Innova Desktop Preview 0.1.3

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Available for download Innova Desktop Preview 0.1.3

herberth guzman
Hello everyone

Innova Desktop  1.3 Desktop Developed in Gambas3

Third version available for download Innova Preview 0.1.3
Available for now only Debia/Ubuntu systems.

Special thanks to Benoit, Fabien and Zainudin Ahmad.

I thank the people who have used and reported bugs Innova
I fixed several bugs reported.

- Custom panel.
- Modified Launcher and Aggregate Functions
- Anchor Apps to your panel and desktop
- New Themes (30)
- Settings rewritten.
- The appearance of the launcher was modified.
- Widget Clock was modified 0.2
- PcInfo  Information of the System 0.5.1
- New gbTerminal 0.1.6 - Terminal emulator based on VT-100

External programs:

- New VisorRV1960 - (Biblia Reina-Valera 1960)  0.6
- New  Higgins - Application launcher 0.7
- gbEdit - Text Editor 0.9
- Xt7-Player - Audio and Video Player 0.20
- Pintascreen - A screen of capture 0.73

 Available in 3 languages
 1. English
 2. Spanish
 3. French

Windows Manager supported:
Openbox, Kwin and Gala

The user you must have minimal Gambas 3.9

Herberth Guzman

The v1.4 will have substantial changes in the project, suggested to improve
the appearance, stability and its integration.

Attached link to download

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