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DrawingArea & Saveing Pictures

Steve Starr
Hello everyone :)
OK here it goes!

What i am trying to do is build a cartooning application.

My first problem is actual the drawing part now this code here works
but if you move the mouse to fast you just get a bunch of Ellipse's
spread out on your DrawingArea.

So my question is how to i make this code so no matter how fast you
move the mouse when drawing it your line stays solid instead of
looking spread out?

PUBLIC SUB DrawingArea1_MouseMove()


 Draw.FillColor = ColorBox1.Color
 Draw.ForeColor = ColorBox1.Color
 draw.FillStyle = 1

Draw.Ellipse (Mouse.X-4, Mouse.Y-4, SpinBox1.Value, SpinBox1.Value)

And my second question is how can i save what ever i draw on the
drawing area as a picture like a png or an JPEG etc?

Thanks to all that reply :)

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