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FTP example with Net component

Joe Boby
Hello and Welcome!

Here is a new project started to introduce a small
connection code to get an FTP client.

The aim of this example is to get an FTP data
transfert. There is a need of 2 connections, a Command
thread; where you send "get this file now"; and a data
thread; where you send the real file.

And I'm sending this message because there is an huge
problem I can't resolve!

This is when uploading a file, just one file. I think
the gbx interpreter is spammed by the transfert,
because while uploading you can't use the soft again.
You have to wait till the end of the transfer. That's
not as smooth as it should be.

Could please someone take a look at this and tell me
if it is needed to send the datas throw; let's say;
some C++ code ?

Here is the Gambas project code (developed with
 (7116 bytes)

NB: Need to get a way of doing an upload of huge files
(in the test you will need 2M free space on your ftp
adress) without breaking the application usability
while uploading.

Even if you don't know how FTP connections are
handled, you will be usefull.

Have a nice day!


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