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Gambas 3.10 - gb.web.feed

Tobias Boege-2
On Sat, 01 Jul 2017, Beno�t Minisini via Gambas-devel wrote:
> I will have some time next week, and I want to release Gambas 3.10.

Hi Benoit,

Gambas 3.10 would include the new gb.web.feed, right? I have some local
changes pending which better be committed before the component is first
included in a stable version.

As I mentioned earlier, I want Date values in RSS to be accompanied by
an RFC822 timezone string, because I want to give the user a way to
specify the timezone string when they create RSS documents (e.g. an RSS
feed of a local newspaper in Germany should not have the timezone of
the US-located server machine where the feed is put together, but the
German timezone relevant to the article).

I need the following:

  1. A way to get the timezone string out of the RFC822 parser in gb.util.
  2. Two functions which convert between RFC822 timezone string and
     a numeric representation (number of seconds from UTC?) I believe
     those functions are already in gb.util, but Private.
  3. An RFC822 timezone string for the local system timezone, as a
     reasonable default when the user gives no timezone.
  4. Functions which convert a (date, timezone) pair, which is to be
     understood as "<date> is in/relative to <timezone>" to another

I think if 1. and 2. are there, I can implement 3. and 4. by myself.
Having 4. would give me a clean conscience, as I intend to store the
timezone inside the component just as an RFC822 timezone string and
let the user handle calculations with timezones if they need it.
Point 4. then gives the user the needed primitives.

Please also look at [1] where I listed some doubts I have about the
current RFC822 functions in gb.util.



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