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Jeff Zacher
Are there any basic Gambas example projects/tutorials or is this a need.
I looked on the Tutorials page on the wiki and it of course says 'not
finished' and the link to working with files is dead. If there are no
examples/tutorials who is providing these and how can we contribute?

More to the point:
I have opened some static files and played with the example on the wiki
using the Process object to run ls and such. What I am really interested
in is 'hooking' an interactive shell, spice/ngspice in particular.
Probably apps like mysql and python would be good candidates also so a
good base class that could:
open an interactive shell program
make stdin/stderror avaible for processing by the Gambas side
write commands back into the interpreter's shell
read the resulting data from the shell
etc, etc

would be very usable to me. However, I am not getting any results from a
read_event when playing with the example. (I'd like to just read the
open message from the shell, issue a 'quit' and read the quit message to
get started). I know this is possible from c with pairs of I/O streams
for each handle but how is this done in GAMBAS?

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