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Benoît Minisini
Just to say that I finally got back a working internet connection!

I have many many mails to process, so to all the people who sent me patches,
examples, source code, bugs reports, and so on: be patient!

I will release a 1.9.21 as soon as possible (with gtk update, corba component,
firebird driver). I need it because I use Gambas in my job, and this version
will add a new feature I need - The ability to transparently handle
Unix/Windows/Mac newline character sequences.

I have no time to really work on Gambas, because my acting studies - I have a
*lot* of work there too. This is the reason why I changed so many things
during the two summer days.

So, for the new IDE, everybody must be *very* patient! Anyway, I will try to
post some explanations on the way it will work. Then, maybe it will be
possible that other people could work on it.


Benoit Minisini

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