Help about interfacing 'net-snmp' C library with Gambas3

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Help about interfacing 'net-snmp' C library with Gambas3


I try to create a component in Gambas3 based on the 'net-snmp' C
library. I already have a component to manage requests by snmp written
in Gambas3 but using directly the various commands given by net-snmp

- snmpget
- snmpwalk
- snmpbulk

Now I try to use directly the 'net-snmp' C library to be faster in
execution time and I'm not a C/C++ developer to write this component in

I have started to write a little project and it is joined into this

My question is, as it's necessary to create and give to the 'net-snmp' C
library a C structure (available inside the project as comments) to use
it, could someone say to me if it's possible to use the 'PUBLIC
STRUCT' to translate the 'snmp_session' C structure in Gambas3 and
help me on this task please.

Thank you in advance.



Olivier Cruilles
[hidden email]

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