How to embed a window into a scrollable container

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How to embed a window into a scrollable container



I have a window running a python program that I want to embed in a container
on a form. I have the embedder working with the main form. When I try to
embed the window into the Scrollarea container is just sits on top of the
control; the scroll bars are grayed out. I want to be able to move around
the embedded window so that a large window can be displayed in a smaller
area. Then I want to setup other controls (buttons  etc.) on the main form
to control other program functions. To point the embedder to the control on
the form I use hEmbedder = New Embedder(FMain.Children[1]) As "Panadapter".
This appears to get the embedded window near the Scrollarea.


I need help with the code and an example of the use of both the Embedder and
the ScrollArea would be of great help.





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