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Need help clear tableview

Ignatius Syofian
Hi, all

First, i want to thanks for all of you, for help me in programming gambas.
Thanks again, i already can run kugar and i have alternatif report designer ->
dbreport (suggest from Lorenzo).

right now i try Kugar and Dbreport, yes, last month i was a vb dan crystal
report programming.
That some many thing difference, but i like gambas from now.
Today i still don't know how to use kugar, i try to learn from Laurus example,
but still no clue.

Everytime i run kugar, it always ask file to open, but i want to create new
one, if i choose no, then application close....ooohhhh

i just wonder , if somebody or someone can give me a simple example using
kugar or maybe dbreport also..
But anyway i still try to use kugar or dbreport, i still no idea to use
printing in gambas itself. i try to search how to use printing in gambas, but
no clue ? could anyone give me sample example.

And one more help i bee, like how to clear tableview, if i choose to clear all
form ?. i want to clear tableview with no data, but tableview header no

i use suse 9.3 and gambas 1.0.11

Thanks , so may thanks


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