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ODBC how to linuxers debian

This documentation has two parts, and overall ODBC documentation and a
specific Devuan ODBC documentation. The firs part are provided due most
administrators and developers must understand the ODBC infrastructure to
property debug problems. This documentation starts on the "friendofdevuan"
wiki due ODBC information was very poor inclusivelly in oficial Debian wiki


The post describe the most basic non referenced settings and some reasons
why.. for debian users and debian derived distros there are the second part
of the documentation with proper how to for each of the packages for odbc
module drivers>


At the Gambas wiki i improve an ODBC gambas example most better with steps
rather than only paste a simple code>


For now, currently only the spanish page are ready, and the english are a
work in progress.. the other odbc driver present some problems and i report
the respective gambas bug today, the ODBC MySQL driver module its the only
that works perfectly, the other ODBC module drivers present some problems

Lenz McKAY Gerardo (PICCORO)
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