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Greetings all,

I have created a Gambas project - after creating a "Make Executable"
file it will run as expected on the

development system BUT when I try to make a installation package it says
that "makepkg" and "makeself"

files are missing.

Doing a system search - the "makepkg" is on the system but not the

It will go ahead and make the setup file but when you install it on
another system it will not activate.

I am assuming that missing the make file is the problem or maybe I don't
understand if I need to add

any "Extra Dependance" files (I.E. the runtime files or ???)

 From what I have read the "make Installation package" automatically
includes the Gambas runtime files?

By the way - this software is great for us old VB coders - if only I
could figure out how to re-distribute a project.

Thanks for any and all help and have a great day,


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